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    Best way to edit properties


      I have a custom property on all of my wires called "VeSys Classic Signal Name" whose value I want copied into the wires "Short Description" field.


      What is the best way to go about doing this?

      Can the find and replace tool be used to grab and move a value?  Or could a custom report plugin accomplish this?

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          Hi Brian,

          The simplest way of doing this (since VeSys 2.0 does not have constraints or the ability to run custom actions) is to export an XML (3DXML from File --> Export --> Export to...) from VeSys 2.0 Design - modify this XML data externally - then import back into VeSys 2.0 Design.  The trick will be modifying the 3DXML file, but I think you could handle that.



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            Hello Nuri,


            Thank you for the pointers.


            Please find attached a Macro Enabled Excel spreadsheet that will display all of the wires contained in a VeSys xml file.

            Also, it can create a copy of an xml with updated Short Descriptions.


            The code can be expanded upon to edit any property on just about any component.



            1)  Export design from VeSys

            2)  Click the "Import Wires" button in the Excel spreadsheet

            3)  Browse to the VeSys design xml file

            4)  Copy and Paste the VeSys Classic Signal Name (Column 34) into the shortdescription (Column 15)

            5)  Click the Export Wires button in the Excel spreadsheet

            6)  Browse to the same VeSys design xml file from step 3

            7)  Name the output file

            8)  Import the output file into VeSys and find that the Short Descriptions have been updated



            I hope that others would find this example Macro helpful.