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    visEDATA Beta 2 now available for PADS 9.5


      To all current & potential visEDATA Beta users, there is now a new download available that is compatiable with PADS 9.5


      Just visit the following visEDATA Beta web site http://www.mentorpcb-beta.com/index.php to login or register your interest.


      As a reminder of the capabilities & benefits:


      visEDATA is a new application for design archive management and review that enables users to automatically create, name, store, search, and retrieve snapshots of design data (Archives) from a Vault through user-defined templates.


      Automated archive creation and naming provide inherent cost and time savings. Archives can be viewed graphically before choosing to restore them to a working project database, while at the same time generating multiple design reports and adding redline/markup comments that capture accurate feedback during review.


      visEDATA significantly reduces the risk of selecting an incorrect project to restore when commencing a new project from existing data; this minimizes the potential for additional rework, with its associated costs.


      Target Audience


      1. All PADS 9.4/9.5 flow customers (Windows only)
      2. Individual users and small workgroups who want to easily manage & review their archive (design snapshot) database without the overhead of a complex PDM system.


      Key Benefits


      1. Reduces the overhead of manual backup creation
        • Saves time and effort through use of an integrated and efficient method of automatically creating and restoring archives within a vault that is transparent to the user.
      2. Searches on Archive names and user-defined descriptions
        • Quickly and easily searches the content of the vault to identify the archive to be restored or compared against, which significantly reduces the risk of error when reworking or starting a new project from existing design data.
      3. Provides graphical review and report of project data
        • Reduces costs by eliminating the need to consume licenses of the authoring tools.
      4. Compares different Archives across multiple projects
        • Easily determines the differences between any archive in any project.
      5. Provides redline and markup of schematic and PCB designs
        • Ensures that exact design review intent is accurately captured, available, and traceable during later reviews.
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          no visEDATA beta 2 for Expedition?




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            Beta testing provides the opportunity to prove a couple of things:


            • Firstly, to test the quality of the software

            • Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, to determine whether the application actually fits customers’ flow & needs.


            The majority of the EE (visEDATA) Beta 1 customers, who provided feedback, have asked for enterprise-level type functionality, such as Admin rights, user permissions with regard to who can access the vault, folders, projects & multi (simultaneous) user support,  etc.


            The enterprise functionality that the EE customers have requested is already available in Enterprise Design Manager (EDM) , which is the more appropriate design data management solution for the EE flow.


            visEDATA is aimed at being an easy-to-use archiving tool -- not a complex data management system -- for individual engineers and small workgroups.


            So, at this time, we have decided to focus support for visEDATA just within the PADS flow.



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              I'm really sorry that you have made this decision and I hope you can re-evaluate your decision as between the users of Expedition there are several small design services that may be interested in VisEDATA like me.

              Not all Expedition users are big companies.