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NSE GUI does not appear for New Local Symbol

Question asked by vandel on Dec 2, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by marty_fouch

In tyring to get past the hurtle of getting a design started in Dx Designer, the first thing I do is chose File->New->Project and assign a name and location accpeting the defaults for the location.


Then I add a File->New->Board.


Based on a repeated reading of the available documentation and tutorials one would think that a next step would be File->New->Local Symbol and that this would allow you to build a symbol for use in a schematic.


At least in the case of my installation which I have done and redone several times (at a significant investment time that might otherwise have been devoted to design) this results in:


Started C:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\SDD_HOME\nse\win32\nse.exe -prj "C:\PADS Projects\DxProjects\Design1\Design1.prj" -parent dx -icdb "C:\PADS Projects\DxProjects\Design1\database" -snapshot "DxD" -n "untitled1.1"
Loading gui config from C:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\SDD_HOME\nse\win32\resource\nse.xml
Loading profile config from C:\Users\vandel\mgc_nse_2007.ini

and nothing else .... NO GUI appears.  If I attempt to start the File -> New -> Local Symbol again I get the same thing with a dialog box that indicates that untitled1.1 already exists and can not be created.  No Local Symbols show up in DXdatabook.


I have not edited any of the referenced .xml files in the above printout, they are as they were when installed.


When I go to the Windows Task Manager I see one copy of nse.exe running for each time I try to create a symbol.  If I end this process I get:


Finished C:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\SDD_HOME\nse\win32\nse.exe


And I can try again without the dialog box about untitled1.1 already existing.  Unfortunately the results are the same.


I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on an I7 machine with 9G of RAM and About DxDEsigner reports:


GBS Install Id: 27413

Flow Id: PADS 9.5

Full Flow Name: PADS 9.5

Exact Access Date: Jun 1 2012


I've got to say of all the packages I've used in my career, this has been the most frustrating and so far ineffective learning curve I have ever experienced.


Thanks for any insight into this issue.