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Introduce yourself to the Electrifing DFM Discussion group

Question asked by smitha_teegala on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by simon_favre

Hi All,


Please introduce yourself to the DFM group with your current design focus and your interest areas.


My name is Smitha Teegala.I am a Corporate Marketing Engineer at Mentor Graphics and have joined mentor two half and years back.My background is in Electrical Engineer with main focus being DSP and VLSI design.


Initially,I started my work in digital design space but currenlty my main concentration is on Physical verification (Calibre).


My hobbies include cooking,watching sports and shopping (yeah..I know most gals wud luv to do this)


I would want you all to be actively involved in the DFM discussions and help new threads roll in.Don't you think  this  is an excellent way of sharing our knowledge  ?