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Does a reuse block can contain reuse blocks?

Question asked by florian.gareiss on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by florian.gareiss

Hello to all,


I created a verified logical-physical reuse block named "LMVS-DO0001" in central library. Then I placed it three times in a new schematic in a new project with some VDD- and GND-Connections on the port pins, routed the few additional traces in Expedition PCB and wanted to save the result as another verified logical-physical reuse block in central library.


I obtain the following error message in the log file:


"Error saving the reusable block.  The following parts are missing from the central library:  LMVS-DO0001"


...but I'm sure, that the block ist in that library, because I was able to place it three times in my schematic.


Any ideas?