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How to resolve DRC checks (PO.R.8 , USER_GUIDE.*, RES.R1.1:PO)?

Question asked by naren on Dec 19, 2012


      I am getting errors in the mentioned DRC checks (PO.R.8 , USER_GUIDE.*, RES.R1.1:PO). How can i resolve them?


Description of checks :


1. PO.R.8  { @ It is prohibited for floating gate if the effective source/drain is not connected together

                        Float_GATE_fail_n NOT INSIDE SRAM REGION

                        Float_GATE_fail_p NOT INSIDE SRAM REGION



2. USER_GUIDE.M7 { @ Metal layers with forbidden datatype

                                      COPY NOUSEM7



3. RES.R.1.PO  { @ square number (length/width) of unsilicided OD/PO resistor >=1

                                X = NET AREA RATIO PO_RES_RPO_L PO_RES_RPO_W < RES_R_1

                                X NOT RHDMY1