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    How to relative move a selection?




      how can I do a relative move of selected components?



      I've a group of connectors that I've placed at given coordinates.

      But the origin of the PCB decals are set to pin 1 instead of the middle of the component.

      Now I've to move these connectors by a given amount (for example 2,54 mm).

      And I want to do this movement with multiple connectors at once.


      Any suggestions?



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          Select your components.

          Press <ctrl-E> to move them (don't touch your mouse!)

          Type 'SR 2.54 0' to make a relative move

          Press <space> to end the move


          Note that your mouse cannot moves during that operation.


          If this doesn't work you may need to tweak your Move Preference parameter in <Tools><Options>(Design tab); mine is set to 'Move by cursor location'


          Sometimes when I do this I'll make a dummy move first so I can see what the offset it.  Then I'll go back and restore the original locations and make the final move.  I believe I only did this before I found out about the Move Preference parameter.

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            Hello jduquette,


            thank you very much for your help!


            The way to relative move selections in PADS Layout is not very intuitive (compared to other CAD packages I've used before).

            You must know how to tweak the system to get this function running...



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              select the component


              RMB (right mouse button) properties


              add the new coordinates into the properties window.


              In most of the times it is much easier to calculate the new coordinate and set it in properties instead of doing the move stuff.


              If you have more components that needs the same offset you also my change your board origin.

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                Hello k.hofmann,


                thank you for your suggestion.


                But I think with your approach it is not possible to move a group of objects by a given distance.


                And it takesto  much effort to change the coordinates of all objects manually.



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                  You can use the reuse option if you want to include copper ,traces along with components


                  ·         Select the items which you want to move


                  ·         Right click- reuse and give some name to this reuse


                  ·         With the items still selected right click properties and enter the new co-ordinates

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                    Hello Sravan,


                    I've tried your solution and it works well.


                    But I think the procedure is still very complicate:

                    - define & save reuse

                    - open the properties dialogue

                    - calculate the new position

                    - enter it in the dialogue


                    With other CAD packages I've less trouble to move groups.

                    In Altium Designer and in Eagle I can move a selection by the defined grid.

                    In Altium Designer I can additionaly use the "Move Selection by X, Y" command to move a group relative to its original position.



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                      yes it takes a bit of time in PADS compared to other CAD tools

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                        I have one addendum to this: make sure that your grid is set to a finer resolution than you want to move by, otherwise the final component position will be rounded to the nearest on-grid coordinate.


                        It seems like what's really happening is that you're doing a move by mouse, but controlling the mouse with the SR command.