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    drc checking mentor can't run


      Dear all,


      I have still problem with mentor icflow 2008.2o and IC station 2008.2o. when I run DRC (ic rule) i get error message:


      // Error: $raise_status returned error status at line 90 of file /usr/local/mgc/2008.2o_rhelx86linux/icflow_home/shared/pkgs/ic/userware/En_na/drccmd.ample within function $$check_drc (from: Uims/Ample/Ample_eval 1D)

      // Error: There is no rule file loaded. (from: IC/drc/drc_command 03).


      can everyone help me to fix this error



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          I am not an ICStation user, but from what you posted, it looks like you are running a user script (the grandparent directory is "userware")  and the script expects that you have a rule file loaded before calling it.


          What steps are you doing exactly to get this error?  Can you load a rule file before the script kicks off?


          Hope that helps-