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    Component Specific Pad to Pad Clearance?




      I've some problems to setup a component specific pad to pad clearance.


      In my design I'm using a 0.2 mm pad to pad clearance.


      For a specific footprint, I must allow a smaller pad to pad distance.


      I've tried to setup a rule in Pads Router.

      Therefore I've selected the clearance tab under component properties.

      But the distance matrix is greyed out and can not be edited.


      My next attempt was to setup the rule in Pads Layout.

      In the first step I've selected the according component.

      In the context menu I've choosen "Show Rules".

      But the clearance button is also greyed.


      Is there a way to setup this pad to pad clearance rule in Pads Layout or Pads Router?


      Is there perhaps a limitation that depends on the kind of license I'm using?


      Or must I define this rule in Pads Logic?

      (I'm afraid to go this way because I don't want to destroy my rules that I've defined in Pads Layout).



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          you need Advanced rules option to define component rules

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            Hello Svaran,


            thank you for your answer.


            I don't understand is that there are no notes in the manuals that telling me that a function needs additional license modules.

            I also run into this issue when working through the tutorials...



            Best regards,



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              Florian your local distributor/local application engineer need to explain you about this before the purchase




              I found the below notes from tutorial installed along with the application(c:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\docs\pdfdocs\padslayout_tut.pdf) , may be you might have referred some other tutorial

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                Hello Sravan,


                you're right, there is a note in the Pads Layout Tutorial.


                I'm working as a freelancer.

                A customer has asked me if I can do an urgent layout job using Pads.

                He has given me the schematics of the project and his dongle and that was it.


                I've started to get an overview of the Pads system by working through the "PADS ES Suite Evaluation Guide" (because this tutorial was the first one I've found in the Windows / Start area.).

                In this tutorial there are no notes about the licenses you need for the different features.

                This lend to some frustration when I tried to work through a lesson and the needed feature was greyed out.


                But no I'm getting more and more familar with the Pads system and my first layout is nearly finished...



                Best regards,