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find via-in-pads of certain via type

Question asked by newton on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by jduquette

I know how to select vias of a particular type using the Find dialog. But is there way to select vias of a certain type that are overlapping with other objects, SMT pads in particular? For via-in-pad designs, I need to be able to make sure that all the vias I want filled/capped are of a particular type. I've had a couple prototype designs come back with unfilled/uncapped vias in the middle of pads because I forgot/missed to change a particular via's type. Or alternatively, is there a way to find these vias using one of the DRC methods? This would be moot if there was a way to control the type of via used in an SMT pad vs. the type of via used in general purpose routing. If a particular net will use multiple via types, then I usually have to manually set the via type for a via-in-pad via.