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    connectivity errors problem in layout




      I am new to PADS software. I am designing a four layer board of Induction heating system.


      I have completed logic and layout. After completing placements in layout, I moved to tools------>verify design option to verify my design.


      I have no clearance erros, but lot of connectivity errors.


      what are connectivity errors .Do I need to consider  these errors before moving to routing .


      How to solve these connectivity errors. I am attaching the list of errors and layout file below.



      Thanks in advance

      Vivek Alaparthi

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          The connectivity errors just mean nothing's routed. After routing they should go away.



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            I too am new and having the same error. I would like to know if your problem did in fact GO AWAY, or did you discover a FIX?


            Here is what I did;

            In PADS Layout, placed parts, started routing, VERIFYING DESIGN;

                                  Now on pads or vias there are yellow and red error markers that according to the manual mean

                                  "testability and connectivity" errors.


                                   ERRORS OCCUR ON

                                   -pads with traces (for example on a ground and/or power)

                                   -pads without traces (again on a gnd/pwr)



            ATTACHMENT is just a picture of the error.


            Please explain your final result to these errors,