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    Partial Vias



      I ahev a simple set up two partial vias plus thru. 1-8, 9-16 & 1-16

      I must be missing something, but I believe I have Drill Pairs set up properly, the vias are set up properly.

      However when in layout and route mode if I right click to bring up menu to pick via type there are now partial vias listed to pick from.

      I have also made sure the layer pair is set up for top to bottom to cover all layers.

      Is it an order of doing things or am I missign somethign else.

      I am pretty sure in previous blind vis designs I was able while routing to pick a partial via defined.

      I am running 9.5 did something get broken?



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          Make sure the partial vias are available in the design rules/routing tab as well.

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            Yes I forgot to mention they were listed there too.

            I believe I had everything set up, question is there an order in which they have to be done or some other thing like that I may be missing?

            Or as long as all places are set up I should see them.

            Note I didn't have under tools option routing I had a layer pair set to 1-2 there while addign vias and the 1-8 span via is what was placed default.

            Now I need to route the 9-16 and if I place a via then get properties it will show up as a pick so I can change it.

            But a right click to get menu it does not.

            It will be very painfull to have to keep going to properties to change via type.

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              I've been able get the correct via by using the PL modeless to set the layer pair, combined with the V modeless set to automatic.

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                No can't get that there either, I only can get thru vias placed as I am routing.

                Only after placed (end) and use properties can I change them to partial? They are there just not coming up in rt click menu.

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                  Well I don't see them in the right-click via types window either, but it does drop the correct via based on the layer pair that is set. When I'm routing I use the F4 or Shift/Ctrl click to drop the desired via.

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                    OK I also got someone else to reproduce the problem. I will enter an SR as a bug on this one.

                    Because if layer pairs are set for Top - Bottom  and I am routing from bottom and right click I should see a list of both thru & partial vias

                    availabel for me to place and I do not, the only vias there are thru.

                    However yes you are right you cannot have layer pair set to Top-Bottom it will not place the proper via.

                    You need to go into layer pair and if you set 9-bottom it will place a partial via.

                    But you have no way of defining it before it's placed if you had 2 different size partials for 9-Bottom say.

                    This is a bug. YOu should be able to see ALL vias available when layer pair of Top-Bottom is defined.

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                      Yes it's always been that way as far as I know. In your case with only one via per layer pair, you are able to route and automatically drop the proper via based on the active layer pair.



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                        Thanks for the help.

                        I did log an SR.

                        Apparantly it has been that way, I still could have sworn it worked a few ver's ago to see the vias being placed?

                        But I guess switching between PADS & Expedition too much can make the mind go to mush.

                        But at least it put another bug in the ears of Engineering to possibly make it better.

                        There are workarounds like said but could be soo much cleaner.