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LVS schematic netlist with model as parameter

Question asked by charlesmyers on Jan 14, 2013

I am working on a primitive library and have run into a snag.  Anyone know how to pass a model name via a parameter in the schematic netlist for LVS checking?


I have a generated letlist with the following format from a popular CDL netlister:


* inverter subcircuit

.SUBCKT inv a y inh_agnd inh_vaa inh_vbb inh_vpp

MM0 y a inh_agnd inh_vbb nType W=nw L=nl

MM1 y a inh_vaa inh_vpp pType W=pw L=pl




XI0 A Y agnd! vaa! agnd! vaa! inv pl=0.36u pw=1.6u nl=0.36u nw=0.8u pType=pmos2v nType=nmos2v

XI1 B Z agnd! vaa! agnd! vaa! inv pl=0.2u pw=1.2u nl=0.2u nw=0.6u pType=pmos1v nType=nmos1v


LVS compare tries to compare the layout device (nmos2v/pmos2v/nmos1v/pmos1v) with the schematic devices (nType/pType) and fails.  It appears that the LVS comparison did not evaluate pType/nType for the comparison.


The SPICE simuloator handles models as parameters, albeit in a slightly different syntax format.  Any suggestions?