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    Where are default Calibre settings defined?


      Sorry for the remedial question, but I am new to the web site and cannot find the most basic information about Calibre.

      Is there a page that can help with the default settings like LVS SPICE CULL PRIMITIVE SUBCIRCUITS?

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          All the Calibre manuals can be accessed from $MGC_HOME/docs/pdfdocs.


          You can find the LVS Spice Cull Primitive Subcircuits statement in Chapter 4 of $MGC_HOME/docs/pdfdocs/svrf_ur.pdf.


          calbr_ver_user.pdf – Calibre Verification User’s Manual

          svrf_ur.pdf – Standard Verification Rule Format (SVRF) Manual



          The Calibre documentation is also available on SupportNet.




          Login, select one of the Calibre products, go to the Reference tab, and just below that tab choose the Product Docs link.