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    Pads is not suitable for E-mobility!


      With a round PCB and high current (e.g. for E-mobility), Layout or Router are not suitable !


      - Working with polar coordinates

      - properties of some elements (component, via, shape, ...): the position were not shown in distance and angle towards the origin, only by radial move a component

      - the polar grid could not be displayed permanently

      - no possiblity to copy elements (e.g. GND-vias, copper shapes, ...) in a polar manner

      - no possiblity to arrange design reuse elements with an angle different 90, 180, 270°


      - Thermal Vias in SMD

      - no rules and checking for microvia and stacked vias (idea D326 16.06.2008)

      - no prevention of certain types of vias at smd (idea D310 11.06.2008)

      - no addition of any vias at smd in Layout


      - Traces: the maximum trace width is limitated to 6.35mm




      Some issues were postet on Mentor ideas many years ago and nothing were improved.

      Concerning "E-mobility", PADS users are handicapped due to the missing funktions.