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Edit DxDesigner bus contents

Question asked by Dennis_K on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by Dennis_K

Hello everyone,


I'm working on projects with buses that contains many members. The standard bus-view of DxDesigner is not ideal for this situation as you can not resize the box.

So I wrote my own .NET application toolbox to show the bus contents. The application edits the "busconts.ini" file in the project folder. This part works fine.


But now I ran in the problem that DxDesigner didn't realize the update of the file   Does anybody know how I can force DxDesigner via automation to re-read the file?? I only found the methods "GetBusContentsFilePath" and "SetBusContentsFilePath" in the automation model. Since I didn't change the file path this doesn't seem right to me.

The only way I figured out is to close and re-open the project which takes quite a long time...



I would be pleased if you can help me to solve this issue.

Kind regards,