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DxDesigner: Resistor array created as hetero gates gets different REFDES assigned

Question asked by rchander on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by robert_davies



I have a resistor array part.  To make it easier to draw the schematic, I split up the array into separate resistor gates using the HETERO/fracture procedure in symbol wizard.


However, now when I let DxDesigner assign the reference designator, each of those resistors gets it's own reference designator..e.g. R1, R2, R3, R4...whereas I would like those resistors to be called R1 as in reality only one part (array) exists in the BOM.  Ideally, these would be R1A, R1B, R1C, etc but my understanding is that DxDesigner cannot assign suffixes to multiple fractures, so I wish the array have reference designator assigned similar to ICs.


Each resistor has the DEVICE property as: RES_ARRAY_10_1

and HETERO property as:  (RES_ARRAY_10_1),(RES_ARRAY_10_2),(RES_ARRAY_10_3),(RES_ARRAY_10_4),(RES_ARRAY_10_5),(RES_ARRAY_10_6),(RES_ARRAY_10_7),(RES_ARRAY_10_8),(RES_ARRAY_10_9),(RES_ARRAY_10_10)


Any idea if DxDesigner should be doing this or if there is a way around it?