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    EBD Question??


      I have a LineSim schematic setup with a LPDDR2 bus.  The DRAM has an IBIS model as well as an EBD file.  After running the simulation I have more probes than I expected?


      DRAM1 is the reference designator.  On the O-scope screen I have the following pin listings


      1. DRAM1 with what appears to be the .ebd pin numbers (AA23, AC6, ect).  I also have a listing called


      2. J_EBD (EBD-DRAM1) which also has the same pin listing? 


      3. U0 (EBD-DRAM1) with what appears to be the pin listings for the IBIS model


      4. A listing of what appears to be each individual RLC element of the .ebd file


      The waveforms looked slightly different between the probe locations DRAM1 and J_EBD (EBD-DRAM1).  What is the difference between these probes??


      I would like to view the waveforms at the die locations after the board descriptor file.  Which probe locations should I be looking at?  This is terribly confusing.