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    symbols getting renamed - why?


      I'm using 7.9.3, and when I copy part of a schematic from one project onto another project, the symbols are getting renamed.  Both projects are pointing to the same library.  Renaming the symbols is causing all sorts of problems, as you can imagine.  Before I do the copy, I did a Tools -> Update Symbols....so it is not that the symbol was out of date.  This is happening on several projects - so it is not project-specific.


      Any ideas?

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          Try setting the unique names on copy option to off on Settings - Advanced. May I ask why you are naming symbols?

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            Thank you - that setting is 'off', and I'm probably not using the correct terminology.  The symbols aren't named independently - the 'name' that is changing is actually the Symbol Name property that is used to identify the symbol in the library.  For some reason that I can't figure out, when I copy the circuit from another project, its not recognizing these symbols from the corp library, and is creating new ones that are showing up in the 'local' library.  (which I realize now is actually quite different from them getting renamed - my apologies!)


            I did a test case with two new projects, with very simple non-hierarchical circuitry, and it does not create 'new' symbols with different names when I do the copy/paste between projects - it keeps them as they should be.  The designs where I am seeing this are all quite complex and hierarchical.  So my testing continues to see exactly when it happens - but I was hoping perhaps someone here had seen this before and knew what causes it.

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              Are any of the symbols out of date?





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                No - we've run the update symbol a million times just to be sure - but no.  The capacitor in particular, like the resistor, are almost never edited - so there isn't any reason it would've been out of date.  But we did run the update symbol just in case.

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                  This suggests that the library mapping is different in some way, are the symbols still in the same partition in the library? If there is nothing obvious I would contact customer support to get a speedy resolution of this issue.

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                    Maybe you have the same "problem" I had during migration.


                    We migrate designs from 2005.3 to 7.9.4. Both tools share the same library.

                    After migration all Symbols are gone into "LOCAL" Symbols. I had to do a "SUBSTITUTION" in the local library. After that the schematics was ok.


                    Copying local symbols from one project to another project with local symbols having the same names will deliver new local symbols with suffix _1 for each symbol.


                    In our case substituting the local symbols with symbols of the CDB worked fine.



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                      Thanks guys.  I worked with Mentor support, and found that somehow the symbols were in the local symbol partition, as Wolfgang said.  We deleted them from the local partition, and the copy/paste now works as expected.