Complete List and Descriptions of Methods and Objects?

Discussion created by Ray.Haynes on Jan 24, 2013
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What secret society do I need to belong to get a description of all the methods supported by DxD for instance? I post questions and search the web and get code examples that make use of methods that are not listed in any of the following manuals:


DxDesigner Automation Reference Manual

DxDesigner Automation Data Model (though this is more complete it does not describe the objects/methods/etc)

Common Automation Reference


The most complete list I can get is when I put the following commented line at the top of the code

' CreateObject("Viewdraw.Application") and open with VbsEdit.


But I see items there that I have not found explained anywhere.


What am I missing? More trial and error, the lost manual or decades of VBS programming?



Please help, thanks,

Ray Haynes