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How to generate PDF for Variantschematics with automation?

Question asked by Wolfgang_Antrey on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by Wolfgang_Antrey

I defined the variants and created the variant schematics.

If I create the schematics manually I see following line in the output window:


sch2pdf.exe -e -project "D:\test\test.prj"  -a "D:\test\test.pdf" -eevm "D:\test\Vwd_test_MA.vwd"


If make this with automation - it does not work.



   dim project

   project = "D:\test\test.prj"

   dim output

   output = "D:\test\test.pdf"

   dim evmString

   evmString = "D:\test\Vwd_test_MA.vwd"


   Dim WSHSHell

   Set WSHSHell=CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


   WSHSHell.Run sch2pdf & "-e -project " & project & " -a " & output & " -eevm " & evmString, 0, True


What am I doing wrong?