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    How to check Via in Pad


      Hi All,


      in Expedition 7.9. I have to check, if I have vias under smd-pads. In DRC is a option, but when I change pad-entry (Allow via under pad) I cannot check this.


      Background: I have to move vias near to pads, but in normal I have always the clearance via to pad. There are some brightideas:


      https://na5.brightidea.com/ct/ct_a_view_idea.bix?c=4A483461-DF62-4727-A1 24-E53A6E3A46E5&idea_id=4505D60D-A7F8-4566-83A5-E09A62D36229

      https://na5.brightidea.com/ct/ct_a_view_idea.bix?c=4A483461-DF62-4727-A1 24-E53A6E3A46E5&idea_id=9112171F-19F9-462C-BC4E-7E8DC76CDD4E


      I can collect all vias,  but how can I ceck, if there touch a pad or inside ?


           For Each via In pcbDoc.Vias ....


      BR Michi

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          Hi Michi,


          I would loop over the SMD pads, then call the Pick method to find any vias in the pad area on that pad layer.



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            Hi John,


            mhm. Good Idea. In the meantime I have have tested a little bit ... 2 "stupid" for loops, the first over Pads (to do: check only smd pads) and the second "inner" loop over the via collection. I have to fasten up the whole, may be an array indexed search is a good practice, but with this I'm not already good .... I have to try it out. Also I have to find out outer dimension of the via, to check, if via touches the pad or not. At the moment I get only drillsize of the via and not outer dimension .... so... there is some work to do ....

            When script is working well for me, I will show it here .... maybe another can use this this ....



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              Hi All,


              it works for me. A little bit slow and I check only Drillsize, but for me it's fine.

              The script is "as it is", no warranties or support.

              Improvements are welcome.


              Have fun.


              BR Michi


              Nachricht geändert durch michael.weber Version 2. I speed up Checking by using a via-coordinate array. I check pad against via-drillhole, cause at the moment I cannot grab the via-copper geometry.