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    How to use Global Expressions


      In the Project Settings menu there is a field for Global Expressions.


      What is the intended use for the Global Expressions?

      Can I set up a "follows" statement or manipulate switch positions from here?


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          Global expressions were intended to hold definitions / SAINT related to the subsystem being considered. As such you could declare a number of variables / constants that could be referenced by other models in the subsystem (useful for specifying parameters to the simulation).


          They are very often used as the global declaration of the constants and variables (could be selected based the simulation type). It is very interested that you want use it to control the simulation behaviour.   Could you give me a detailed description what is your intention to use it?








          Yibing Dong

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            Hello Yibing,


            I am only curious as to how the global expressions can be used and what is allowed.


            Do you have an example using the global expressions to set up a global variable?

            What is the SAINT code used to access a global variable and check that it has been instantiated?


            Kind Regards,