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    V9 to V2005 Library Creation/Conversion?



      I need to convert v9 libraries back to v2005 format - without having v2005 available to run

      on my machine. Is it just a header modification to the .c/.d/.p files?


      If it comes down to it, I can re-install v2005. Will 2005 run with current 9.4 licensing?


      TIA Patrick

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          I haven't tried this.  Maybe:


          - Load all the library parts in to a SCH and PCB file.

          - ASCII export to 2005

          - Reload the SCH and PCB and then save all comps to the new library (but you'll probably need 2005 for this step)


          My 2005 doesn't run anymore with LMTools, but this may be because I recently did an upgrade from a lower level license to an ES license.