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printing from DxDesigner WYSINWYG (What You See is Not What You Get!)

Question asked by rchander on Jan 29, 2013
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I use 11x17 paper B size for schematic drawing and also printing. There are three issues regarding the schematic appearance on screen and on printing/print-preview:


1) In the schematic, on changing the zoom level, the alignment of component property-text keeps getting messed up.  If I use one zoom level to align the properties nicely, in the next zoom level, the properties are misaligned again.  I am not sure which zoom level should be used that would correspond with what gets printed.

2) In the printout, the printout is never identical to the schematic despite having the scale set to 1.0 in the print dialog box.  Also, if I print without previewing, either nothing gets printed and a blank piece of paper comes out or prints are with enormous text/line thicknesses.   Even if I do the print preview, the preview is no longer identical to the schematic with lines and text changing location.

3) Print offset- this one is a minor issue.  The printout seems to be offsetted a little bit to the right on paper as if I had specified custom margins somewhere.


Any ideas why this is happening?  The schematic printout/preview is completely sloppy whereas on screen it looks professional!  I read in the changelog somewhere that issue 1) is supposedly fixed in the release that I am using, but I don't think it's the case.



Flow Id: PADS 9.5

Full Flow Name: PADS 9.5

Exact Access Date: Jun 1 2012