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    Layout and Router synchronization




      Anyone else having problems with the Layout and Router synchronization?
      I can easily start PADS Router manually. No problem.


      But - when clicking the 'Route' Icon on the menu bar PADS Router never starts.

      In the Task Manager the 'LRI_Bridge.exe' is starting allright, but PADS Router never opens and at a point the system hangs and I need to close PADS Layout and 'LRI_Bridge.exe' by using Task Manager.


      I have also tried the same procedure with the 'Layout and Router Synchronization' disabled.

      In these cases the 'BlazeRouter.ex'e is starting in the Task Manager, but PADS Router still never shows.


      I have tried to delete all HKCU registry settings for PADS, but it doesn't change anything.

      The firewall settings looks ok.


      Using PADS 9.3.1 on Win7.


      Any ideas?



      Kind regards


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          While I haven't seen this exact issue, whenever things stop working properly (like scripts not executing) I'll rerun the MGC SDD Configurator.  After waiting several minutes for it to complete that usually fixes the problem.


          I typically only see this problem after I run 2005.  After that the scripts don't run until after I run the Configurator.

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            We decided to uninstall/install PADS. Now it works.

            I'll remember your suggestion next time. That might do the trick as well.




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              Tried running the configurator. It didn't help.

              Layout still couldn't start the Router.

              Only thing that helps seems to be uninstall-install.




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                I am having this problem as well. I really don't want to uninstall / reinstall - I'm sure that will take a lot of time, and it may not even work since I've applied several updates since my original install.

                There must be a way to fix this? I think I caused this by allowing another program to associate itself with PCB files. I fixed that - so Pads is associated with PCB, but it didn't solve this problem.

                I tried running that SDD tool, didn't do anything either.

                There must be a setting somewhere - please Mentor, figure this out.

                Without that connectivity between layout and router, what is the proper way to move between them? Do I need to close the file in layout, then open it in router, and vice-versa?