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Layout and Router synchronization

Question asked by kbak on Feb 6, 2013
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Anyone else having problems with the Layout and Router synchronization?
I can easily start PADS Router manually. No problem.


But - when clicking the 'Route' Icon on the menu bar PADS Router never starts.

In the Task Manager the 'LRI_Bridge.exe' is starting allright, but PADS Router never opens and at a point the system hangs and I need to close PADS Layout and 'LRI_Bridge.exe' by using Task Manager.


I have also tried the same procedure with the 'Layout and Router Synchronization' disabled.

In these cases the 'BlazeRouter.ex'e is starting in the Task Manager, but PADS Router still never shows.


I have tried to delete all HKCU registry settings for PADS, but it doesn't change anything.

The firewall settings looks ok.


Using PADS 9.3.1 on Win7.


Any ideas?



Kind regards