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    S-Parameters/Spice netlist




      Could some one help me on how can I visualize *sp file which is extracted from Hyperlynx SI board sim?

      Also I have trouble in extracting S-Parameters file from Hyperlynx board sime. It gives an Error: "Error running ADMS: No QDB server present"


      Thanks in Advance,


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          Concepth Engineering's SpiceVision Pro is an EDA tool which is capable to take your spice netlist into a schematics view.


          Normally, "no WDB server"  is caused by old license file and wrong paths.



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            Hallo Yu.Yanfeng,


            I thankyou very much for your kind reply. I registered myself with concept.de (for spice netlist viewer) and hope get a trail license.

            Yes you are right in the case of S-Parameter generation, it was the problem with license update.




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              If this was a transistor level Spice netlist generated out of an IC design, SpiceVision could be of benefit. However for a BoardSim topology the extracted Spice netlist is just a sequence of transmission lines that you can visualize in LineSim. You could do first LineSim schematic export and then out of LineSim extract netlist and you would get same result.