HyperLynx connector via simulation

Discussion created by Jacques.A on Feb 8, 2013
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I have a backplane design loaded in BoardSim 8.2 and I want to extract the S-parameter of a differential signal path from connector to connector.

The board has connectors press-fitted into via holes which have been backdrill to minimize stub effect.


I can partly export the netlist to LineSim:

I have a differential IBIS driver at the connector pins. I also have pins mapped between connector and driver using consistent pin locations.

I then select the differential net that I want to investigate. The tool understands that the net is differential and select the pair.


The problem is that BoardSim does not extract the differential vias and padstack when I do "Export, Net to, S-Parameter model".

What I am expecting to see is the differential driver going through the coupled differential vias along with the correct padstack and driving the TLs down the road.


Does anyone know how to do that?