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PCB decal has more pins than Logic decal

Question asked by rceragioli on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by rceragioli

In PADS 9.5, I have a need to make new parts that have more pins in the PCB decal than the Logic decal.


An example is a 6 pin SPDT PCB mount relay.

The realy has 2 pins for the coil, and uses the other 4 pins for the contacts.

1 pin is the NO contact, 1 pin is the NC contact, and the remaining 2 pins to connect to the wiper contact.

I have attached the datasheet for the realy I am talking about (Omron G5V1).

I also need to do this for a connector.

The connector is a 0.25" quick connect male (or female) tab.

This part requires 2 PCB pads which need to map to a single pin for the schematic.


There are numerous parts that are configured in these ways.

It seems like the only way I can do this is to place extra pins in the Logic decal, and draw them as though they logically connect together.

This results in schematics that look less than professional, and won't work for a connector in PADS, either.

I could easily do this in PCAD 2006, which is the tool I migrated from.


How can I do this in PADS Logic/Layout?