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    doubt on extraction of PG in LVS


      Hi ,


      I am new to calibre and i have a lot many doubt on calibre ...

      Currently i have a problem like , calibre lvs is not comparing (failing with the violation of PG missing) . . .



      could i know why is it ? ? ?



      attaching the lvs report


      Regds ,

      Ashith K

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          Hi Ashith,


          It looks like some of these names exist in the source, but are missing from the layout.


          One way to help find exactly which names are missing might be to rerun the LVS comparison after changing the LVS POWER NAME and LVS GROUND NAME temporarily to some other names, maybe just a few names that you are sure exist cleanly in both the source and layout. Then, after that experimental run, there should be more information about which names are found and which are missing, and you can solve those problems before running again with all the original power and ground names.