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    Grid size is not active




      I am trying to change the grid size and units in Vesys 2.0 Symbol as well as in Vesys 2.0 Design (Layout > Grid > Set Grid Defaults) and the field is not active.

      Can you tell me please how I can do that?


      Thank you.

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          You can set the default grid for VeSys 2.0 Design in Project Preferences (File --> Project Preferences --> VeSys 2.0 Design --> Diagram).  This preferences is only used when new diagrams are created, the grid on an existing wiring diagram cannot be changed (however after you have created your new diagram you can select the content from your old diagram and from the context menu use "Move to" to move it to the new diagram and your desired grid).


          Regarding VeSys 2.0 Symbol if the symbol is an electrical "Device" symbol then the grid cannot be modified as all electrical symbols use a "pin grid" (it does not consider the units), however if the symbol is of type "Comment" then the unit can be changed from  "Layout --> Grid --> Set Grid Defaults..."


          You can also change the grid on all "Comment" symbols within a symbol library - from the context menu of the symbol library itself (make sure that no symbol is actually opened for editing), you can "Edit Symbol Library" and change the grid on all exisitng symbols.