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Bug in assigning net name to Conductive area

Question asked by Head1 on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by Head1

Hello everybody,


I try to write a  small program, which assigns a net to all conductive areas on layer 1.


' =============================================

Private Sub Assing_net_to_conductiveareas()

    Dim All_ca           ' All conductive areas

    Dim Curr_ca        ' Current conductive area

    Dim net1              ' The current net


    ' My_Board  is the document. defined earlier.


     Set net1 = My_Board.FindNet("GND")    ' Such a net exists


     Set All_ca = My_Board.ConductiveAreas(epcbSelectAll, 1)


     For Each Curr_ca In All_ca
 = net1



End Sub

' ============================================


On  red line I get an error:  “ Object doesn’t support property or method”


Do I have any syntax error ?

Is the property   read only ?   If yes - how can I assign a net

  to conductive areas with automation ?


   Thanks for any help,