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Property Fields do not fully update when replace part on Schematic

Question asked by greg.hall on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by barry_mcginley

This question refers to DxDesigner version 7.9.1.


When replacing a part on a schematic the properties for that part do not fully update.


How do I force DxDesigner to update all of the properties for the part?


In Picture 1 we have a Part R21 which we want to change from 1k Resistor to a 4k7 Resistor.


Select the part and using the replace symbol/part dialog replace the part with the 4k7 device, settings as per the next two pictures.




Once this is done then the part number in the properties has changed, but there is no change to other fields, such as Description, MPN1, MPN2, MPN3, Part Label and Part Name. As can be seen from this image.




The next step that I do is to package the design, with the following settings.



After this complete, it then updates the symbol on the schematic and in the properties it updates the Part Name, Part Label and Description fields.

However it DOES NOT update the MPN1, MPN2 and MPN3 fields as can be seen from this final image.




What I would like to know is what I am doing wrong and what I can do to ensure that DxDesigner updates ALL the property fields when replacing a symbol/part on the schematic.


(also I have attached a word document which includes the all the above pictures in case they cannot be read easily within this message).