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    Editing part attributes en masse




      Is there an easy way to edit the attributes of all the parts in my multi-page design?  I'd like to change the package type for all my capacitors under a particular value and am hoping there is some sort of spreadsheet editor for doing this (so I can sort on value).  How would one go about this in DxDesigner?  Or if it's possible in PADS logic, I could use that too.  I tried using the navigator tree and selecting caps, but I can't see the values I'm selecting, and all my pages get opened, which I don't want.



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          You could use Find or Find/Replace. Search on Properties Only and the property type and value. After you have found all the symbols modify the property in the Properties dialog, don't click in the schematic before doing this because that will deselect the symbols you have selected.

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            First, I would use Rob's method or DxDatabook to verify and update the parts if available.


            But the Navigator can show the REFDES, VALUE and even the PKG_TYPE to allow easier selection by adjusting the Label Format


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              Now that I try this, it doesn't really work as I'd like.  When I select a large number of parts to edit their properties, I get the message "Selecting big number of objects is time consuming operation!".  If I go ahead and let it do the selection anyway, it opens up every page of my schematic (32 pages).  I just want to edit the value, I don't need the schematic at all to do this and having to close 32 schematic pages is really a pain.  But OK, I soldier on and try changing the value (from 18pF to 18nF) only to receive an error "This property is not defined. Please define the property before editing."  It's hard for me to believe the property is not defned since I can see it when I look at the properties and only changed the 'p' to 'n', but clearly I'm new to this tool and don't know what I'm doing.


              There must be a better way to do all this.  All I want to do is change the value and package of a capacitor in a subdrawing that is repeated 32 times.  But even if this wasn't a hierarchical drawing, changing attributes of many parts at once should be easy.  What I'm looking for is the spreadsheet editor that Orcad gives us.  Spreadsheets are an easy way to edit a database.



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                If you are getting an error message check the property in the 'property' dialog and see if it is listed as 'non-common' (see picture attached). If so you will need to add it to the property file, either in Library Manager (for EE flow) or via Tools - Property Definition Editor in PADS or third party flow. It might be that you have two properties of the same name, one of which is non-common in which case delete the 'non-common' one. This sometimes happens when designs are translated from other tools into DxDesigner.

                You also mention that you want to change the value in a repeated schematic, one you have repeated 32 times, in which case you only need to change it once. Open the schematic and select the properties to change, if doing it for multiple symbols limit the scope of Find/Replace to 'Current schematic' or 'Current sheet', use the more button and use 'Look in components' and 'Look for Propeties only' then fill in the find what and replace with sections as appropriate. This should allow you to achieve what you want.

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                  I looked at the parts in question, and when I select the "Value" attribute, I do not see the words non-common at the bottom of the screen as in your picture.  What I see is "Symbol value is <none>" then "Block value is 18pF".  I also do not see a redundant "value" attribute.  This all comes from a translated Orcad schematic, so it is most likely due to that, but I don't see how to fix it and the error is confusing.


                  In regards to my original question, I'm under the impression that there is no spreadsheet editor for component attributes.  So if I want to edit the footprints or part numbers of many parts on many pages, I have to go finding those parts (via find) and selecting them (which opens their schematics), which gives me the warning screen "Selecting big number of objects is time consuming operation!"  I was hoping there was an easier way to do this that didn't tax the program and didn't create more work for me closing schematics.  If that is true, then I'll post an ideas request for a spreadsheet editor.



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                    As you point out there is no spreadsheet editor in DxDesigner and the request has already been made on Ideas as D8542, so feel free to promote this Idea. There is a spreadsheet like viewer, the ICT Viewer which will at least enable you to find the parts you're interested in as an alternative to Find/Replace, but this dialog is no editable. Also check your property definition file for legal characters for the Value property (if using Expedition Enterprise this is available from Library Manager, for PADS or other flows use Tools - Property Definition Editor) and change the allowed character set to .* if not already set to this. This will allow you to specify any character as the value.

                    One final quick tip, to close all open sheets use Window - Close All.


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                      Rob, thanks for the tips.  I checked the Property Definition Editor and see that .* is already the definition.  Does capitalization matter?


                      I looked at D8542 and it appears to be a different issue, net connectivity instead of properties.