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    Library Flow Manager & DMS Desktop.


      Hello All,


      We are using Library Flow manager & DMS Desk top, for our Library activities, Can any one help me findling the way to raise a library request from DMS which will reflect directly in the "Request" tab of the Library flow manager.


      Do we need to use DMS Part Request Manager for the same? if Yes, Dose this feature need a seperate License?


      Kindly support.


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          The suggested & easiest method is to use the Part Request Manager (PRM) web interface to create and manage part requests. This is a separate part number/feature (PN 225517).

          1. Open the URL (http://localhost:8080/PRM)
          2. Login and click "New Request"
          3. Enter the request data (and optional datasheet)
          4. Click OK to save


          Another method to create a part request is through DMS Desktop.

          1. Open DMS Desktop
          2. Goto the Request class in the Comp Module
          3. Select a Catalog Group below the Dx/Exp group
          4. Create a new request (keep the status at 0-Submitted)


          For either of these to work, you must create a catalog group under the Dx/Exp catalog in DMS Desktop (see image)


          The request will show up in the Library Flow Manager application on the request node.

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            Hi Andre,


            Thanks a million for the reply,


            I need some more clarifications,



            Method 2 : Through DMS Desktop,


            Tried the same, but the request which I raised is not reflecting in the Library flow manager’s Request tab. Do I need to be an Administrator, to raise the request?.


            Kindly clarify the same, which will be of high help in stream lining our Library processes.


            Thanks in advance for your support.



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              Sorry for the delay as I did not see this response.


              You do not need to be an administrator to create the request. Generally the ability to create a request is available to all users within DMS. If you are not seeing the request show in Library Flow Manager there could be 2 reasons why:


              Reason 1: You need to refresh Library Flow Manager

              it may have been disconnected from DataFusion (timeout). Click the "refresh" icon to see the latest request changes.


              Reason 2: Request Filter in Library Flow Manager

              Within LFM, librarians can filter which type of requests are shown for them. To view this "filter", select the Part Request node in LFM and click Properties. From there you will see which Request partitions that are being shown.


              A little late, but hope this helps.