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    Pads 9.5 Upgrade


      Looking to upgrade from 9.3.1 to 9.5 soon - anything I need to be concerned about?





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          PADS 9.5 is a stable release.


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            V9.5 is up and running fine.

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              We have been looking at upgrading as well, and have concerns about the problems noted in the following technotes:


              MG580462 Serious Problem Identified in Scout 7.9.4 and PADS 9.5: Removes Random Nets and Components

              MG580810 Serious Problem Identified in DxDesigner 7.9.4 and PADS 9.5: Editing Multi-sheet Designs Results in Duplicate Stacked Graphic Objects


              Fixed in these Update Releases:


              • EE Flow: The problem has been fixed in EE 7.9.4 Update 6.
              • IND Flow: A fix is expected to be available in an IND 7.9.4 Update 4.
              • PADS Flow:  We do not have a target date for a PADS 9.5 Update but will keep this area updated.


              But it has not been fixed for PADS 9.5.


              Criteria – This issue does not affect all designs, but may impact designs beyond a threshold related to the following minimum criteria:


              1. The design contains multiple sheets.
              2. One or more of the sheets contains over 1000 database objects, which  consists of symbols, pins, wires, text and graphical objects.



              They admit they are SERIOUS problems, do they occur very often?  I think it would be pretty easy to have more than 1000 objects.



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                Marty Fouch

                Thank you for your inquiry regarding PADS 9.5 upgrade. As you pointed out, the problem related to duplicate or missing graphic objects has been corrected in Updates to the EE 7.9.4 and IND 7.9.4 releases. The Update to fix this problem in PADS 9.5 is currently scheduled and should be available by the middle of May. The Causes section of the two mentioned TechNotes, MG580810 and MG580462, give details that should answer your question about frequency. - Marty Fouch-PADS Support Manager