Calibre Model-based Planarity Flow for TSMC’s 65 and 40 nanometer IC Manufacturing Processes

Discussion created by karen_chow on May 29, 2008

Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that its SmartFill model-based planarity flow has been qualified for TSMC's 65 and 40 nanometer (nm) processes. By reducing metal thickness variability, model based metal filling can help improve systematic and parametric yield. The SmartFill flow integrates the Calibre® CMPAnalyzer and YieldEnhancer facilities, and TSMC's DFM (design for manufacturing) data kit (DDK). The SmartFill qualification is a continuation of the DFM between Mentor Graphics and TSMC under TSMC's Active Accuracy Assurance (AAA) program.


"Making the best use of foundry data in an accurate and consistent manner with EDA partners is a goal of our AAA initiative. We envision further collaboration with Mentor Graphics as AAA expands to capture more of advanced process technologies' inherent value," said S.T. Juang, Sr. Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing, TSMC.



The Calibre CMPAnalyzer tool is the foundation of the Mentor CMP solution. CMPAnalyzer is directly linked with VCMP, TSMC's CMP simulator, to provide 3-D hotspot detection and to determine an optimum filling strategy. CMPAnalyzer then passes the appropriate information to the SmartFill function of the Calibre YieldEnhancer tool, which adds the fill elements directly into the layout design database. The combination of accurate foundry data and intelligent fill analysis improves parametric yield by reducing thickness variation that affects resistance while minimizing the capacitance added to the design. CMPAnalyzer also generates thickness values that can be incorporated into the Calibre xRCTM tool for more accurate parasitic extraction. CMPAnalyzer and YieldEnhancer are built on the Calibre nm Platform, the industry's leading physical verification platform known for delivering best-in-class performance, accuracy, and reliability.






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