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    Changing text on multiuse blocks


      I have a block that is used three times. It took a while but we got it to package. Now we want to add different arbitrary text to each page. When I add text it gets placed on all pages. In Design Capture we could use instance data to control each copied sheet. But I can't find anything like that for DxDesigner. I am using DxD 7.9.3 update 5.

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          A mentor support tech replied to my SR on this. On the first page of one the the copied blocks, right click border properties. In the left column, click on the bottom space, a listing of available properties should pop up. Choose A, unless it is used, then choose B or the next available letter. In the left column for the propery A, right mouse and choose instance. In the value column you can add the text you want to add. You do not have use of space or underscore, so I used dash. This property will show up at the bottom left hand of the page. Zoom in and click the text. You can now enlarge and change color or font. Where you place this will be in the same spot for all copied blocks. This is the rough way to do this. A similar way would be to add an instance property in your library. This way it is easily identified and you can change what characters are available for the text.