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Discussion created by daniel.chang on Feb 26, 2013
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Some engineer bought ModelTech ModelSim SE-64 10.0b two years ago (in 2011). It's a floating license for a server so multiple users can use ModelSim. However, the entire system was taken apart when the project was cancelled. 


This year (2013) we found the computer which the ModelSim was originally installed on, and we use it as a server (with a switch box). When I clicked on ModelSim, I received a message "unable to check out a license...". I downloaded the authorization file (see attachment - license.txt) for site # 3109039, watched 2 videos on installing license for a server in U2U site, and followed the instructions in the video, but got "invalid host id" message when viewing the log (see attachment - debug.log).


My suspicion is that the host id in the license file does not match with the new setup. The engineer worked on this project before claimed that he never gave any physical address (MAC) to MentorGraphics, the license was for the server.


I am a little confused. How can I resolve this problem?