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    Modelsim Plugin


      First of all excuse me if this doesn't belong to this forum, but I couldn't find any other place to ask.


      Is it possible to write a plugin for modelsim to access some live data, say for example get live signal values as they get simualted?

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          Here is some information I received back from Modelsim support. Hopefully this helps. If you require further assistance I recommend opening a new Service Request on SupportNet.



          "Modelsim doesn't allow for users to develop their own plugins, per se. Users can implement their own solutions using either HDL code, 'C' code, or scripting (TCL).


          A simple example of displaying live signal values is a $monitor() statement in Verilog, that prints out values of a signal to the simulation transcript as it changes. A more complicated means of sending live simulation values out would need to involve something like a TCP socket. This could be implemented in 'C' by using FLI or PLI (here's an FLI example: http://www.ht-lab.com/howto/ferndemo/socket.html). If writing near real-time data out to a file is acceptable, both VHDL and Verilog include file I/O operations."





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            thanks a lot for the reply, that's what I was afraid of, I guess I'm gonno have to stick to the scripting.