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License Features, Bundles and Product Descriptions

Question asked by gregory.stewart on Feb 27, 2013
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We are in a Term License remix environment and really need to know what is contained in the "bundles" as well as what the "cryptic" product description and license feature names actually mean.  For instance, there are several ADMS Product Descriptions, but I don't know what aspects of the ADMS "product suite" is licensed by these individual descriptions.


Would somebody be so kind as to guide me to a "decoder ring" so that I may accurately cross reference the tools I need with the appropriate product description and license feature names during my remix period.  The example above is only one of many for instances that I am working on.


We really need to ensure that we have the right tools at the right times to accomplish the design commitments to our customers.  Trying to figure out and/or making a mistake costs us a 6 month delay as that is our remix cycle.


We would really appreciate a response from a knowledgeable Mentor representative.


I thank you, in advance, to your timely and accurate response to this request.