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    Hyperlynx SI Licensing Problem




      I am trying to use Hyperlynx SI Boardsim / Linesim.

      I have downloaded the installation program and installed the program to my computer.


      Hyperlynx SI Boardsim / Linesim is installed succesfully.

      Licensing program is installed succesfully.


      Then i must configure my licensing by clicking the Configure Licenses option under the Tools of installation program.


      The problem is that when i clicked Configure Licenses the program does not proceed and waits.

      Its trying to show the Licensing Configuration Screen but it can not. I am thinking that the problem may be about settings of PC.

      I closed my antivirus program and chanced some settings of PC but i can not fixed the problem.


      Can anyone help about this issue?



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          If your license path is very long (like lots of license servers for example) it can take a while for it to return. How long did you wait for it?


          Also, you might see if there is any messaging (pop ups) sitting in your system tray that need to be answered.


          And of course on Windows, it never hurts to try a system reboot.


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          Ken Foster

          Mentor Graphics Customer Support