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Event Handler for Expedition

Question asked by andrew_french on Mar 4, 2013
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I want to add an event handler for Expedition so that when it closes it will set the default license to be used on next instantiation to Ascent.  I found the example for event handling in the documentation, copied it and made the changes for what I needed accomplished.  My problem is arising from code already populated in the example.


"Set docPCB = GetLicensedDoc(appPCB)" is where the script dies when I am opening Expedition.


And the error is:

Type mismatch: 'GetLicensedDoc'


Any help on fixing the error would be appreciated. Thanks.



' The example below shows the event handler framework for an

' Expedition application object.


Dim docPCB

Dim doNotExit

doNotExit = True


' ==================================

' The application is quitting

' ==================================

Sub appEvents_Quit()


    'Sets the default license back to Ascent

    Dim Reg, Path

    set reg = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

    Path = "HKCU\Software\Mentor Graphics\ExpeditionPCB\Expedition PCB\2007.00\Licenses\"

    reg.RegWrite Path & "Pinnacle","0", "REG_DWORD"

    reg.RegWrite Path & "Ascent LX","0", "REG_DWORD"

    reg.RegWrite Path & "Ascent","1", "REG_DWORD"


   'MsgBox "Quitting the Application"

   'Exit the infinite loop

   doNotExit = False

   ' Make sure all objects are released "

   Set docPCB = Nothing

   Set appPCB = Nothing

End Sub



' Testing code for the sample


Dim appPCB

Set appPCB = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")

Call Scripting.AttachEvents(appPCB, "appEvents")

' collect document object

Set docPCB = GetLicensedDoc(appPCB)

' An infinite loop to prevent script from exiting

Do While doNotExit