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    help coding on calibre PERC


      I'm  a new user of PERC and i have little problems with propagating nodes...
      So for example i want to code this:   pad=> resistor => MOS => resistor => VDD

      The calibre always give me an error because it doesn't find the MOS after the first resistor.....



      Can you help me with a code to solve this please?

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          Try perc::create_lvs_path in the init proc. If your R devices are user devices (that is, they are not type "R"), then you'll need perc::create_net_path.



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            Thank you Dan it works !!

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              You’re welcome. Glad it’s working.


              A couple of things as a follow-up. This is all in the PERC manual, but I’ll just point these things out.


              By default, PERC assumes no electrical paths through devices. Each net belongs to its own path, and that’s it, unless you tell PERC otherwise.


              There are two commands that tell PERC to create paths through device pins. Both of these belong in an initialization procedure (init proc).


              1. perc::create_lvs_path


              This creates the standard Calibre LVS definition of a path. A path in LVS is created through the pins of regular resistor devices (type R) and the s/d pins of regular MOS devices (types M* and LDD*) by default. If you specify ERC Path Also in the rule file, those regular devices also are included in the definition of path. LVS Device Type can be used to map devices having non-standard element names to standard element types. For many applications, perc::create_lvs_path is all you need.


              2. perc::create_net_path


              This command allows more specialized definitions of path and has many options to control when paths are created. It is sensitive to the LVS DEVICE TYPE and LVS MAP DEVICE statements in the rule file. This command is needed if you want to include devices that are not included by perc::create_lvs_path, or if you want to impose special conditions on any devices that ordinarily would be included by perc::create_lvs_path.