Help needed, Error throwing in boardsim: Too many drivers, not allowed in the DDR interface!

Discussion created by sk00101683 on Mar 5, 2013
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I am trying for the DDR3 batch simulations, initially when I loaded the Hyp file and checking the 'audit simulation' for all the DDR signals i am getting the error "Too many drivers, not allowed in the DDR interface! Driving pins: IC31.M2, IC31.N1, IC32.R4, IC31. L5".


IC31 is a controller and M2, N1, R4, L5 pins are address pins which are connected to resistor pack. And when i select just one single net of the above specified nets, all other 3 nets also selecting. I checked the board file, no issues. The DDR3 to controller routing is completed and the other interfaces routing is partially done. I have assigned all the power and ground nets temporarily in the Hyp file.


Can somebody give me some clue where i am doing mistake, or what’s the exact error?