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Remote host execution

Question asked by lakshmiprashanth555 on Mar 6, 2013
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        I'm using this calibre lvs and drc in command mode(batch), Because i'm not interested in gui mode. Initially calibre runs were taking too much of time to complete. After attending a calibre seminar in our company i came to know about the turbo option. My run-script is as follows,


            calibre -gui -lvs -batch -runset a**.rst -lvsRulesFile b**.tvf -lvsLayoutSystem GDSII -lvsLayoutPaths c**.gds -lvsLayoutPrimary place -lvsSourceSystem MIXED -lvsSourcePath d.spice -lvsSourcePrimary place  -cmnNumTurbo ALL


The a**.rst file contains certain every runset options. so the turbo option was not working in run-script, so i added turbo option in a**.rst. Then it worked. Now it's working very fastly, in my local machine.


     My concern is about how to run the calibre run in multiple machines. what are the options and commands to be used. format of their machine assignment. etc related to remote host run.



I've search in the the calibre manual (physical verification)etc, But i didn't understood any thing and didn't got satisfied answers.