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    Phantom Parts?




      I am trying to maintain our Vesys Components and have found a some color codes, customers, and even components that I can not delete because it is used somewhere or by something I can not find.


      Is there another way to look with the library that is more comprehensive?


      Currently, I open Vesys 2.0 Components to delete or modify the libraries.


      I can provide a very specific example if needed.


      Please advise.

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          Within VeSys 2.0 Components you can view "where used" for codes and library parts.  Simply select the code or part that you want to delete, then press on the magnifying glass...




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            Here is a specific example.  I am trying to delete a customer, but can not because of "Backshell".



            But "Backshell" does not exist as a component, nor will it let me create a new one call "Backshell".




            Where else can I look to find "Backshell"?

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              OK, I see the problem (you may need to raise an SR for assistance).


              The VeSys 2.0 Quick Start Component database is identical to that of Capital, and so there are parts in the database that Capital users can use (such as backshells), but these are not available to VeSys 2.0 clients (they don't get listed and as such you can't delete it).  They appear on your system because you selected "Load starter data" during the installation of VeSys 2.0.


              If you are trying to get to a completely empty database then there is a faster way, with the VeSys 2.0 manager and database services stopped you can rename the database (folder called C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\embeddeddb) and unzip a completely empty one (someone from SupportNet should be able to advise/assist if you create an SR#).  But you will need to manually export the parts, symbols and projects that you want transferring into this new database... the result will be no parts or codes that were inherited from the "Load starter data" setting of the installation.  I hope my guidance helps, but you should raise an SR for assistance (the process of replacing the database is quick).


              Kind Regards,