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Error during CAN driver implementation

Question asked by valentino.fabbri on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by dan_schiro

Dear all,


I'm starting to develop a CAN driver for my demoboard STM3220G-EVAL. If I activate the CAN module nu.os.conn.can and change the operating_mode from 2 to 1 (eg. NU_CAN_LOOPBACK) the compiler returns two errors:


'CAN_PACKET' has no member named 'can_dev_id'iso11898.c/STM3220_driver/os/connectivity/canline 468C/C++ Problem
'CAN_INIT' has no member named 'can_dev_id'cans.c/STM3220_driver/os/connectivity/canline 305C/C++ Problem


can anyone figure out if the problem is related to the OS code or there are some errors during the inclusion of the module?

Thank you for your support.