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Orcad to DxDesign conversion

Question asked by rchander on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by sravankumar.padarthy



I have an Orcad schematic (.dsn).  The schematic is of a microcontroller with extensive use of buses and net aliases.  I am finding that DxDesigner is not able to translate the net alias.


For example, if the net in Orcad has been defined as  FPGA_IO_1  and aliased using ADIO_2, it shows up in DxDesigner as just FPGA_IO_1.  The net aliasing is moved under the property name called ALIAS and its value is FPGA_IO_1ADIO_2.  ALIAS appears as a property of the net.  I don't think ALIAS is a standard DxDesigner property and it is originating from the conversion process.


To fix this, I am currently manually selecting the net and changing its name to FPGA_IO_1|ADIO_2 which seems like DxDesigner's way of doing net aliases. Is there a better way?  Is there some way I can translate the Orcad schematic such that the net alias is done correctly?