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    Symbol Attribute Question!


      When using pre 9.5 versions I added a couple of custom attributes to my symbols, PART_SPEC and MANU. I did this so I could automate the BOM import into our companies BOM system. For jelly bean parts (resistors and caps) I would manually change these in the schematics for each part. Those attributes show up in 9.5, but 9.5 doesn't allow me to change them. I type the new PART_SPEC Value in, in the Properties list and hit enter, but the change doesn't take. Yet if I change the VALUE value attribute to e.g. 100K that works just fine. Any idea as to what is going on? I'm a little disappointed in 9.5. Thanks in advance!


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          Properties are controlled by a file called, in the case of PADS, netlist.prp you need to add your custom properties to this file before you can edit them. The default file is in the SDD_HOME/standard folder, you can copy this to your WDIR path and edit it via the Tools - Property Definition Editor. The properties are probably showing up as non-common if you select them in the properties dialog and look at the hint.

          When migrating designs it is worth doing twice, once to pick up any custom properties and a second time after adding these to the prp file to ensure everything translates correctly. The use of the prp file ensures all users use the same terminology for component properties (ATTRIBUTES in earlier releases).

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            I'm using DxD. Is there a place that I can put a customized .PRP file that DxD will _just use_? I'm not allowed to directly edit the app installation itself in C:/Mentor... Ideally I'd

            like to put this custom .PRP file in the same directory as the DxD project and have DxD _just_use_ it. Or maybe there's some way to add a setting in a project that specifies

            the custom .PRP file to use -- I haven't found one. There's "IMPORT" on the advaced pane of the Properties editor, but this isn't the same thing as specifying a file to use

            instead of the default in C: -- IMPORT actually edits the netlist.prp in C: I believe.

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              See the answer to your other post on this http://communities.mentor.com/message/47253#47253